Semarang Lodging

Wisma Sakinah is a comfortable Guest House located in the heart of the western city of Semarang Indonesia, about 5 minutes from Ahmad Yani Airport, Semarang. Wisma Sakinah offers 17 rooms with bathroom inside, hot and cold water, telephone each room, air conditioned, TV, refrigerator, musholla, karaoke, breakfast, WiFi - Free Internet Access Spot and secure parking.

Wisma Sakinah a comfortable place for your guests, both guests from government agencies, private companies or individuals.

Wisma Sakinah close to the Ronggowarsito Museum which is the most comprehensive museum in Semarang. The museum has a collection of objects of history, nature, archeology, culture and insight archipelago. Ronggowarsito name, taken from one of Indonesia's famous poet with his work in the fields of philosophyand culture.

Wisma Sakinah close to the location Pura Maerokoco, tourist attraction located in the PRPP estate is intended as Taman Mini Central Java which encapsulates the bridge from 35 counties and cities in Central Java.

Wisma Sakinah also close to the Gedong Batu, Pagoda which was built by an envoy from China named Sam PooTay Djien. This pagoda inspired a host of legends about the city of Semarang in particular Simongan region. Has the shape of the building which is very beautiful, a blend of Chinese ornament and roof forms that resemble joglo. This building is an interesting place to visit.

Wisma Sakinah very close to the Bakso Geger in Pamularsih.

If you have been to Semarang Indonesia, we welcome you to stay at Wisma Sakinah